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Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Ottawa, July 19
I was at the Slim Cessna concert last night in Ottawa; I'm still working on my big review/write-up of the concert, so here are a few of the 150+ photos Hugh took last night for me.

Slim, Munly, and Dwight

Dwight with his awesome guitar

Slim and Munly

Munly playing banjo

Munly, me, and Slim before the show

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dkcfsu;i;wi;usghi;asygfajlsvdh ::CRY::

taht's the hottest hat i've seen munly wear so far.

ps- DOES SLIM HAVE A GOLD TOOTH OR AM I JUST SEEING THINGS? BECAUSE THAT'S REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. my dream of havinga gold tooth might come true son because i chipped one of my front teeth and i KNOW its just a matter of time before it splits right up the middle... that's the curse of having huge fucking donkey teeth.

i digress.

I think it's actually a silver tooth.

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